CertificationZDM Certification

The ZDM Group's certification programs provide concrete, quantifiable assessments, goals and results for manufacturers, their associates and their customers.


Certification services include:


Six Sigma Belt Certification

The ZDM Group certification of individuals in Six Sigma is demanding and meaningful. A The ZDM Group Black Belt, like a martial arts Black Belt, is capable of reacting to the solution of problems and improvement of operations instinctively with the right tools. As a martial arts Black Belt, a The ZDM Group Black Belt must demonstrate his capabilities by achieving significant results aligned with the objectives of the organization and by teaching all the basics to others. A The ZDM Group black belt understands and applies the statistical tools and the people skills required to make meaning contributions to the organization. A The ZDM Group Black Belt will become one of your organizations most valuable assets.


Operations-Wide Six Sigma Certification for Manufacturing

The ultimate strategy in certification of individuals in Six Sigma belts is to implement as a discipline decision-making processes that are based on statistically sound data and produce results consistent with the organizations financial and quality objectives. ZDM developed its operations wide certification system in 2001 with the objective of providing a concrete and quantifiable guidelines for the effective implementation of Six Sigma methods. There are three levels of certification: "C" (first level), "B" (intermediate level) and "A" (the ultimate goal). The ZDM Group award certification "C" when the organization has correctly implemented the Six Sigma methods and made it part of the daily routine for design and start-up of manufacturing processes, trouble shooting and continuous improvement.  The methods, which ZDM requires the organization to implement, address seven strategically important areas:

  1. Adequacy and reliability of process measurement
  2. Adequacy and reliability of quality measurement
  3. Raw material control
  4. Modeling and optimization of processes
  5. Process control and elimination of special cause variation
  6. Performance measurement and analysis
  7. Documentation of SOP's

The ZDM Group awards certification "B" and "A" based on measured performance in the areas of:

  1. Productivity of the use of time and materials
  2. Compliance with specifications
  3. Consistency of quality
  4. Measurement reliability

Clients achieving "A" certification are among the best competitors in their industry and are considered "World Class" by any standard.


Laboratory Certification of the Adequacy and Reliability of Measurement Processes


Adequate and reliable measurement of process, product and functionality is a prerequisite for any organization who wants to reap the benefits of Six Sigma or any other decision-making process based on statistically sound data.

While certification of measurement adequacy and reliability is part of The ZDM Group's operations-wide certification, it is also a stand-alone certification for laboratories. All ZDM affiliated laboratories are certified for the reliability of their measurement processes. The ZDM Group offers the same service for your laboratory or your suppliers' laboratories.

This is more than the traditional certification of calibration of instruments. Measurement reliability depends, not only a periodic certification from an outside service provider, but requires a system that measurements the repeatability and reproducibility of results form day to day and technician to technician and adequacy of the measurement methods.

The ZDM Group's system of statistical analysis and team problem solving methods incorporates:

  • Quantification of repeatability and reproducibility (R&R) error
  • Qualification of individual technicians performance of test methods
  • Control charts of standard sample for continuous validation of measurement
  • Designed experiments (DOE) to identify factors influencing the reliability of measurement and techniques for improving measurement reliability.


Supplier Certification

Critical to lean manufacturing, Just-in-time, World Class manufacturing or to any other successful manufacturing strategy is reliability of suppliers. The ZDM Group will help you develop an effective supplier certification system complete with guidelines and coaching in how to audit your supplier for certification. The centerpiece of supplier certification systems that The ZDM Group develops are is the system of requirements for certification if The ZDM Group's manufacturing clients.


For supplier certification, we complement those requirements with requirements in the areas of:

  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
  • Customer service
  • Finance and administration
  • Compliance with local regulations
  • Maintenance systems
  • Resolution of quality issues
  • Delivery lead times and reliability
  • Purchase order and labeling accuracy
  • Inventory and production management

A certified supplier not only benefits by becoming your trusted supplier but for the improvements in their own productivity, quality and competitiveness.

Steve Zagarola, Six Sigma training