Finance and Administration ProcessesZDM Financial and Administration Processes

A statistical approach to the control and optimization of your operation's financial and administration processes validates the effectiveness of your business strategies and alerts you to early warning signals of systems in trouble.


The ZDM Group's financial and administrative services include:

  • Statistical tracking of finance and administrative processes
  • Evaluation and comparison of the effectiveness of business, marketing, and financial strategies
  • Development of statistical financial reporting systems
  • Evaluation of the capability and performance of business units to meet financial goals
  • Education in Six Sigma methods for finance and administration, including:


    • Functional Analysis
    • Problem Solving Tools
    • Basic Statistics
    • Statistical Process Control (SPC)
    • Statistical Design and Analysis of Experiments (DOE)
    • ANOVA, regression analysis, hypothesis testing, box and whisker and confidence interval plots
    • Reporting methods
    • SOP Documentation
    • Performance Measurement