Process Design

Process flow and functional analyses identify the customers and their needs


An analysis of the primary process flow path to the final customer reveals their needs and the needs of the internal customers. This allows us to identify the critical processes and priorities for optimizing and controlling them.


A comprehensive analysis of the system and customers' needs includes analysis or the support processes as well. This, in turn, forms the basis for defining the roles and critical activities of all processes—macro and micro.


Scientifically based Process Design with Design of Experiments (DOE)


Crystalline Interaction Plot


The scientific method ensures that the organization's decisions about a process design, a change in process, a raw material purchase decision, a compressor or chiller acquisition, a production and inventory management strategy are all based on reliable data about the impacts on internal and external customers' needs.


This means that you may decide to increase an injection velocity or change filters in a dryer because the data says that those actions will result in bottles with greater stress crack at a lesser cost.


Scientifically-based decisions benefit customers


DOE models the process at every step assuring data based decisions for the benefit of the internal and external customers.