Stephen W. Zagarola

Stephen Zagarola, founder of The ZDM Group
  • Georgia Institute of Technology-B.S. Mechanical Engineering
  • Georgia Institute of Technology-Applied Statistics
  • Georgia State University-Psychology
  • Six Sigma Black Belt

Steve is a founding member of The ZDM Group. He has more than 30 years of engineering, quality systems, packaging research and development, and operations management experience in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. He has published more than twenty articles and speaks at conferences in variety of industries each year. Subjects of his articles and talks include everything from effective quality systems and just-in-time manufacturing to optimization of injection and blow molding processes for stress crack resistance to Six Sigma research and development methods.

Steve authored the first plastic soft drink bottle specifications for The Coca-Cola Company in 1975. He holds patents for container design and testing methods. Steve has pioneered the use of DOE (Design of Experiments) and other Six Sigma methods for optimizing plastic packaging and beverage manufacturing processes. He is respected as a leading authority in the application of World Class SPC and Six Sigma methodologies in those industries. These statistical methods have consistently generated substantial operating cost savings to packaging manufacturing companies. He speaks English, Spanish, Italian and German.

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